The Myth of the Mug

It’s the time of year when campus recruiters get back into travel mode and begin visiting campuses across the country to invest in relationships with students, administrators, and faculty. To kick off my year of travel and speaking engagements, I visited a local campus to sit on a panel and share thoughts with career center professionals on ways to enhance their employer engagement efforts. Our dialogue was lively and I believe I was able to make an impact with the group. As we wrapped up and I prepared to leave I was presented with a thank you gift.

I graciously accepted my gift with a smile and headed out. Once in my car I glanced inside the lovely gift bag to see what awaited me. I’m sure you will never guess what I found. Well, on second thought of course you can; it was… A MUG.


Mugs for Blog Continue reading

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Here We Go…

Last year one of my mentors told me it was time to jump into the social media space and create a “voice” that showcased my approach to recruiting.  A year later, I am jumping in with both feet and creating this blog to share my thoughts about college and diversity recruiting and the relationships we build in the pursuit of the ideal candidate.  Over the last 15 years or so *wink*, I have been fortunate enough to work in diverse industries, and on all sides of the college and diversity recruiting professions.  I hope my experiences will create interesting reading for you in the weeks and months ahead.  If you chose to follow me I promise you this, I will be candid and committed to improvement, and I will do my best not to leave you bored.  So with that said…  HERE WE GO!!!

Headshot of @recruiterade

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